Nonnas Cucina in Redmond Oregon

Comfort Italian Cuisine Food Truck

Nonna's Cucina is offers authentic Italian food made from scratch that uses as many locally sourced and organic ingredients as possible.  We offer both vegan and gluten free menu options.  "Many of the recipes are from over three generations of my family; my Italian grandmother taught me our famous meatball recipe". - Ashley Dolinar - Chef and Owner.

Come in and experience authentic Italian food in Bend Oregon.  We also provide catering for all types of events.

Ashley Dolinar - Chef and Owner

Italian food has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. Growing up I was so curious every time Nonna would start whipping up anything in the kitchen and I always wanted to help. Even though I was probably a walking disaster zone as a child, she always let me join in on the fun and taught me everything she knew. This passion for cooking just continued to flourish as I grew older. By the time college rolled around, I was ready to take on the life of a cook.

Iíve spent many years working in and running various kitchens and with that experience and knowledge combined with my culinary arts and baking and pastry educational background, I have decided to share with my community my version of comfort food: RAVIOLI! Correct me if Iím wrong, but I canít think of anyone who doesnít enjoy a nice comfort meal! Supporting other local businesses is very important to me so I source my ingredients locally. Providing my community with locally sourced, high quality foods for a fair price is my goal.


Vegan and gluten free menu options are available.

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